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The quality and accuracy of our reporting are paramount to all.  Affirm doesn’t cut corners.  All reports are end-user-ready.  No data dumps.  The IDs are certain, and all information is cleaned-up and easy to read, with no ambiguous abbreviations or dispositions.  We answer all the questions before the report is returned to you.  Our multi-level approach to QA for accuracy and readability, combined with our stringent vetting and monthly auditing of all research, means that you will receive the best quality reporting possible.



After quality, turnaround time is the most important metric when choosing a wholesale provider.  Whether it’s cutting-edge technology or boots on the ground, Affirm has invested in utilizing the best possible sources for all areas, nationwide.  No one beats Affirm on turnaround time, especially in more challenging counties requiring researchers in the courts.  The difference is the fantastic criminal research network we have built and the standards we hold our researchers to.



We hold ourselves to the highest standard of customer service.  We follow a “Golden Rule” approach.  We will take care of you the way we want our researchers to take care of us.  Responsiveness is a top priority.  If we don’t have the information you need right away when you contact us, we will let you know that we are working on it and get your answer back ASAP.  As a client of Affirm, you will have a dedicated team of friendly, knowledgeable account managers to help you with information for searches and any other items that pop up.



Legal compliance is critical and is a top priority for Affirm.  Today, almost all parts of the data chain are being challenged in FCRA lawsuits, from traditional CRAs and wholesale providers like Affirm to database companies and others.  This makes us all vulnerable.  Affirm follows the FCRA in our reporting for all of our clients all of the time.  This helps us all to stay out of hot water.  We FCRA filter all records for no extra charge.  We can also follow the various state FCRA laws for you at no additional cost. 



Affirm was founded in 1996 when very few counties were online.  From the start, we relied on hands-on court runners to get the case information. Everything was done by the experts in the jurisdictions they covered.  Because of this, we got the very best information every time. This hasn’t changed.  Over many years we have developed a robust team of in-house jurisdictional experts on criminal record law for all US jurisdictions.  This is crucial because of the differences in law from state to state, where the difference in a term may mean a charge is a conviction or not.