Why do the Nation's top CRA's trust Affirm as their wholesale background screening partner?

Experience.    When choosing a wholesale background screening partner, experience is critical. Simply providing record searches from different states is not enough. Legal definitions and implications are vastly different from one part of the country to another. The disposition nuances from state to state have very different implications. Deferred judgment, deferred sentencing, and conditional discharge imply convictions in some states and non-convictions in others. It is imperative that your wholesale background screening parter knows where all of these pitfalls are, and can accurately convey the information to you. Affirm has been a wholesale provider of county criminal record searches nationwide since 1996. When experts in legal interpretation of dispositions from every state is needed, it is best to Affirm your data.


Accuracy.   At the end of the day, data accuracy makes or breaks a consumer reporting agency.  False positives and false negatives are the monsters that destroy client confidence and bring lawsuits: CRA killers.  If Affirm is your wholesale background screening partner, these monsters will no longer keep you up at night.  Our researcher network is unparalleled.  New researchers go through a very rigorous vetting process.  From that point forward our researchers are regularly tested with known records to ensure data quality.  Some of our county researchers have been our court runners since our beginning in 1996!  We never use private databases for our county criminal research.  All county criminal searches are real-time, accurate, up-to-date searches done in the court's predominantly used index, whether computer terminals or index cards.  When accuracy is paramount, it is best to Affirm your data.


Turnaround.   Turnaround time is critical.  When employers and property managers are making critical decisions, every minute counts.  Their decisions require quick turnaround time.  Bottlenecks can exist throughout the screening process.  We have worked aggressively to eliminate those bottlenecks. The technology that Affirm employs is state of the art, and always evolving.  System integrations for clients, researcher courthouse access, and streamlined in-house operations mean a quicker turnaround time for you.  For more than half of the Nation's counties, we can get you the result the same day if we get the request to our researcher early enough.  Our average turnaround time is currently under 24 hours.(Total monthly turnaround of all searches conducted.) When quick turnaround time is crucial, it is best to Affirm your data.


Service.   Whether you need a national wholesale background screening partner to fulfill all of your research needs, taking care of overflow work in very high volume times, or just to fill in the gaps of coverage of your existing researchers, Affirm is your best choice.  You don't have to compromise quality or speed.  Our unparalleled quality of data and turnaround time is the industry gold standard.  When you couple this with our amazing customer service, you'll know why the nation's leading CRA's trust Affirm as their screening partner.  When you need status for orders or have specific questions about a particular case, you need an answer now.  We understand that.  When you become a client, one of our amazing client representatives will be your personal contact.  They will be very attentive to all of your work, and take care of your company's particular needs.  When a consistently quick response from a caring company is necessary, it is best to Affirm your data.




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